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Cypen & Cypen

MARCH 4, 2011

Stephen H. Cypen, Esq., Editor



This item is a follow-up to our prior report of identity theft involving the South Florida members of two police and fire pension plans (see C&C Newsletter for March 3, 2011, Item 8). If you (or someone you know) have fallen victim to this scheme, there may be help on the horizon in the person of the Broward County Sheriff. According to a recent memorandum from the Sheriff’s Criminal Investigation Supervisor, criminals apparently filed numerous 2010 Tax Returns, applying for an “Education Credit” in the amount of $1,000. It is too early to determine where the release of personal identification originated from, only that, in some circumstances, it has been used fraudulently.  It is also undetermined at this point in the investigation as to where the breach of the personal information occurred and by whom.  However, it is clear that each fraudulent tax return had been filed electronically and the refund sent electronically to a bank account. The memorandum suggests detailed steps to determine if you have been a victim or to verify that you are a victim. Here are the general suggestions: 

1.   Internet search at

2.   Call IRS at 800.829.1040

3.   Contact the big-three credit reporting agencies. 

The memorandum urges victims and potential victims to submit IRS Form 14039. The Sheriff will be meeting with an IRS criminal investigation special agent and local police departments. Secret Service and Postal Service have been informed, and are working on the incident. For the convenience of our readers, we have linked to the Sheriff’s Memorandum at, which includes a Form 14039.




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